What to Expect During Visits

Rights of patients & relatives

  • Right of confidentiality
  • Right to know about disease, its cause, its progression etc
  • Right to know about best medicines available, side effects etc
  • Refuse to get treatment
  • Empathy from doctor and staff
  • To avoid unnecessary tests and hospital admissions
  • To avoid unnecessary medicines

Responsibility of patient and relatives

  • Faith on me & modern medical system which is evidence based
  • Understand and take medicines as advised
  • Exercise as advised
  • Avoid advice from laymen (untrained doctors)
  • If any confusion, talk clearly about your concern, I am happy to answer you.
  • Some time some medicines are not adjusted in body, if you feel so, inform your doctor immediately
  • Don’t ask for guarantee, you are not a machine. We just treat; it is nature/your body system/faith/medicine – all in complex, which help in healing.