Myth Related to Arthritis

Arthritis are non-treatable, medicines available are ineffective and toxic

FACT – Almost all inflammatory arthritis is well treatable. Modern medicines are safe and non toxic, but regular follow up is must.

Arthritis is treated only by orthopedician as they are bone specialist

FACT – Arthritis should be treated only by trained rheumatolosist. Orthopedician are trained to do surgery, but before that medical management can prevent deformity and the need of surgery. Rheumatologists are trained for medical management of arthritis. Only in last stage, surgery is required, which is done by orthopaedician.

Most arthritis are curable

FACT – Unfortunately not, one can prevent deformity or slow its progression by modern medicine and specialized physiotherapy. But overall it depends on type of arthritis. Now with modern medicines, arthritis are well treatable.

All arthritis are same

FACT – Every arthritis is not the same, there are more than 100 type of arthritis, most common is osteoarthritis, also called as green arthritis, may require only painkillers, exercises and life style modifications, the red inflammatory arthritis called rheumatoid arthritis may lead to serious deforming complications if not treated early and aggressively. Because of the many kinds of arthritis, it is important to see a doctor if you think you have arthritis before attempting to self-manage.

Any arthritis in young women of child-bearing age should not be ignored, especially if it is worse in the morning and improves by movement. Most of them will have high platelet count on blood examination. These patients require aggressive treatment with disease–modifying drugs within days of the onset of symptoms and diagnosis. Approximately 1–2% of population may have this type of disease.

Osteoarthritis, on the other hand, is a disease of 50+ age group and is due to wear and tear of various joints in the body and break down of the cartilage cushion in the joints. It mainly affects the weight–bearing joints like the knees, hips, neck and lower back joints.

Inflammation is not a major feature of osteoarthritis. Another form of joint disorder is due to gout which is never seen in people below 40 years of age and is almost never seen in young women before the onset of menopause unless there is a known underlying kidney disease and never seen in children.

The progression of osteoarthritis can be arrested with appropriate exercises, weight reduction and preventing posture and movement that worsen the disease.

Typical wear and tear of osteoarthritis is caused by sitting cross legged, doing Padmasana, squatting, other non physiological postures, sitting on low level surface like floor and low chairs, doing push-ups, going up and down on stairs, etc.

Most yoga postures should be done under medical supervision and should follow with a counter yoga exercise.

Most patients of serious arthritis end up taking treatment in other systems of medicines or with quacks.

Back pain require pain killer and rest

FACT – Yes, it s true for 80% cases, but back pain which increase after rest, ie in morning is not a benign one, this might be typical of Ankylosing spondylitis. While back pain which is worse at night or persistent all time may be sinister.

Ayurveda and homeopathy can cure arthritis.

FACT – There is no evidence. No clinical trial proved this. Dubious claimed are seen in media, but clinical trial is lacking.

Yoga is beneficial for all type of arthritis

FACT – No, some yogasun postures are good for some particular type of arthritis, but some can even harm joints